my dad is great at family photos

Funerals aren’t exactly fun, but they’re one of the few things, besides holidays, that bring my family to one place.  One such event occurred last week when Sadie, my great aunt, passed away on the 22nd.  Looking around at my family, I realized how lucky I am, that they’re all relatively successful and classy people.  All families have their issues, mine is no exception, but at least no one was standing around at the wake wearing ripped jeans and drinking a 40.  I had a little re-realization of how lucky I am to be part of the family I’m in.

If you’ve read this before, hopefully you’ve picked up on how I talk about my “weird” family a lot.  News flash: talking about “successful” or “classy” people isn’t as entertaining.  So, for your (but mostly my own) distraction, I’ve found some pretty awful personal family photos.  They’re NOTHING like, but that’s only because we’re not trying.  It just happens.  Yesterday, I was supposed to be backing up photo files, but I wasted most of my time looking at them instead.   I should be embarrassed by these pictures, but let’s face it: I was at an awkward age in most of these and my dad really knows how to capture family moments…

mom takes great pictures of us too…

me when i’m 60…

oh hi dad…



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