stars: nature’s bling

While sitting in an ethics and legal updates class for 7 hours today, I learned:

  1. stars are nature’s bling
  2. smaller purse = less baggage

The only time paying attention wasn’t painful happened during the review of recent court cases involving real estate.  Apparently some dude set fire to his own house and lied about something…

…our instructor couldn’t get through all the material because some Realtors ask too many (dumb) questions and make too many (idiotic) suggestions.  While discussing one of the cases, about a dispute over the source of square footage data, someone asked why we even list the square footage of a house in the MLS.


So yes, I had a lot of time to think about things of greater importance, such as, stars and why I like my purses smallish.  I don’t plan on carrying myself in them, so I shouldn’t be able to.

Then I went to ballet class because I’m like five years old.


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