so my dad brought back movies again.

Every time my dad goes to hong kong or wherever, he brings back dvd’s.  They’re cheap, generally ok quality, but oftentimes not even decent movies.  This go around, he got some good ones, but a lot of bad ones.  They pretty much hand him a stack and he pays for it, so we take what we can get.

  • avatar
  • up in the air
  • 2012
  • the blind side
  • law abiding citizen
  • the proposal
  • 9 (not Nine, no singing, tim burton)
  • armored (never heard of it)
  • district 9
  • born of hope (some fan film prequel to LOTR that is probably awful)
  • The final destination (THE?…and they’re still doing those movies?)
  • Terminator Salvation
  • bad lieutenant (…all i can think of is national treasure)
  • gi joe: the rise of cobra (i dunno…)
  • surrogates (bad)
  • kill shot (straight to dvd…i think)
  • battlestar galactica: the plan (wasn’t that one made for tv?)
  • harry potter and the HBP

there are only 3 i’ll be watching.


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because i should post something

My mother discovered December 21,2012.  I don’t know where she’s been the past few years, but…

I’ve decided, even though I like college football, college basketball, and professional basketball, I really don’t care all that much about professional football.  There’s not a good reason for it, I just don’t care.  My only explanation is that I got the flu once during the super bowl when I was 13.  I never said it was a good explanation.

I also never said this was going to be a long post.

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this happened:


My mother and I both got cameras from dad this year.  The best part is that the one he gave me is pink and I’m incredibly against girlifying electronics.  I guess my dad doesn’t know that?  Either way, I can’t carry around my DSLR everywhere and my old point and shoot is…well…old.  The one he gave me happens to be waterproof and shockproof  although I don’t think I’d try taking underwater pictures with it or using it as a football.  Basically, my dad did well and it can survive in my purse at all times even if it is pink.

The first/worst/blurry picture I took with it:

many more amazing shots to come…

I got/gave a handful of other things, but I won’t bore you with my list.

For new years, Joanna and I went up to Dallas to visit Christina.  We went here:

Then other stuff happened but I only caught some of it on camera because I’m not a big picture taker:

Then we went to walmart dressed like this:

nice pants joanna

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have a merry normal christmas

So I’ve done a lot of complaining about the outdoor Christmas decor and it’s pretty unfounded.  Once my dad added lights on the lower roof line, the lighting looked less slapdash and sparse.  The upper roof is pretty pointless to light because of the oak trees, so I didn’t bug him about it.  Besides, climbing up on metal roofs isn’t really that safe anyways and I’m sure he’d have made me help.  I enjoy my neck unbroken. thanks.

Unfortunately, there’s still no excuse/fix for this:

When I went out looking for a new tree topper, everything was lighted.  Whatever happened to just a gold star?  I’m lazy and didn’t want to go downstairs to take the picture…

Can you tell I’m excited that our house is ACTUALLY christmafied this year?  We don’t really know how to be normal for the holidays so my mother sent a schedule via email to us all about what we were doing the 24th and 25th.  It’s going to be weird normal.

Oh yeah, and I’m just going to guess that my old Westlake High School, once again, didn’t win state in football after all.  Judging by the sign at Eanes Elementary that says something like “welcome home team, we’re so proud of you” and “thanks for a great fb season”, I don’t think they won.  If they DID win, then that sign is way too weak to be congratulatory.

just my (awesome) reasoning skills at work.

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mom thinks i’m fat,

After Thanksgiving, my mother puts the Spode Christmas China in the cupboard for us to use.  She stacks it on top of the regular stuff as you can see on the bottom shelf.

This is a HUGE PROBLEM for me.

Most of my meals come from leftovers.  Leftovers usually have to be microwaved.  You can’t microwave china.

Yeah, I know, I know…just take the china out and get what you want, then put everything back.  Well if it was that simple, I wouldn’t be writing this.  So, keep your little ideas to yourself.

First off, that china is HEAVY.  I don’t know what they make it out of, but I think it’s mostly bricks. If I need a microwavable plate, I have to remove all of the pretty little painted Christmas china plates that weigh 200 pounds to get to the practical stuff.  But wait, IT GETS WORSE.  There’s never anywhere to set the china while I’m getting a regular plate because my mother keeps the counter below the cupboard cluttered with crap (mail, her purse, reusable grocery bags, water bottles…grapefruits).  So I trek to the other side of the kitchen to set the weights down.  If I’m trying to get a big plate, forget it.  Not only are there plates on top of the plates, but there are serving bowls.  Screw that, I’ll just use two little plates.

LIFE IS HARD and getting a plate out of the cupboard should be easy.  Basically, my mother doesn’t want me to eat.  thanks mom love you!

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facebook caroling

Four things:

1. When I came home this evening, my father had fixed the outside Christmas lights.  Unfortunately, the snow globe is still there.

2. I found another christmas song I can tolerate: The Raveonettes – The Christmas Song

3.  I just got a rather odd (read: creepy) request from some 15 year old on youtube that wants me to sing “Deck the Halls” while laying on my stomach.  Yeah, sure, ok.

4.  I need to go facebook caroling on a Fairbrothers wall.  Don’t act like you don’t want to.

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This works better if you actually go to youtube to watch it…usually.

The website I was talking about at the end would be like the FML or MLIA sites, but something along the lines of MY PARENTS ARE AWESOME, or MPAA….but not film ratings.   Would that be a problem?

I wouldn’t even have to use what other people send in, which no one would because I wouldn’t know how to promote it; my parents already provide enough material to singlehandedly keep that site going.

If it’s already been done, then i missed the boat.

The only think I could find was this:

Mine would be way better than that.

Someone better not freaking steal my idea.


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